Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Illustration Chapter Four

Gunnar Baardsen.PNG

This illustration is probably my least favourite out on the seven illustrations, but it still has some qualities I enjoy more than the other illustrations. This illustration holds character unlike the other illustration that shows Gunnar; you can see the character on his face instead of it being hidden behind a helmet. We get to see what Gunnar would look in the book and see his blinded eye. The blinded eye was probably the most problematic as I had to keep changing shades of grey and the opacity, but other than that I think it was a success.

The coloured eye was definitely the strongest point of mine when doing this digital painting as I have spent a majority of my units painting eyes; I like creating characters. I did make a mistake when doing this eye, however. In the story I talked about how Gunnar had “Blue with specs of brown” but I failed to comply with what was written in the book and kept them a very dark blue. Part of me wanted to keep it like that and forget about what was written in the narrative – maybe change the story slightly when I had a chance at the end. Then I began adding the brown and I honestly was glad I went through with it. It isn’t that detailed and is really eye-popping, yet that additional colour made Gunnar seem that extra more human.

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