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Unit 13 – Illustration Chapter Six

Gunnar final

This illustration for chapter six where Gunnar is getting murdered is one of the most detailed. What I enjoy most about this illustration is the sky and the hills. It didn’t take that much to achieve, using limited paint brushes, opacity and colour. With the sky I used a several brushes from a pack that one of my peers made, using different cloud brushes to achieve different shapes; no cloud is the same shape. With each cloud I changed the different shades of grey as when the sky is raining, the cloud intend to be a range of different greys.

The thing which bothered me most about the sky, however, was the lightning. I did a test, trying to perfect digitally painting realistic lightning, and I did, but this time I seemed to have failed. You can hardly see the bolts zooming across the sky, unlike real lightning which creates a blooming light across the dark skies. Why this may of happened was due to the low opacity of the brush. To achieve what I was looking for I needed to either pick an electrifying blue or yellow – standard lightning colours.

The hill was the exact same process as the sky: playing with different opacity and shades to bring an image to life. I simply chose a darker shade to the hill’s base colour, selected the soft brush and lowered the opacity. I began building up depth on the hill, making it look as if some parts went further in while the others stayed jutted, and I think I succeeded in this effect. However, Beth mentioned making the hill a much darker green as when the skies are dark, the scenery soon follows, so when I have a chance to update this illustration, that is the first thing I am going to do.

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