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Unit 13 – Illustration Three

Elmer chap 3 final.PNG

I am very disappointed in this illustration – more so than the others. Why this is because this was meant to be one of the main illustrations, yet it looks so basic and unfinished that I don’t think I can mark it off as a full illustration. At first, when it was just Elmer’s detailed hair and outfit, it looked decent – a little plain, at the very least, but it followed my own style. Then I began to add shading to his outfit and I can see it was a mistake. It looks out of the ordinary, not suiting the clothing he is wearing. So, before I upload this illustration as completed, I am going to remove the faulty shading on his clothing.

What I do like about this illustration, when I remove the shading on the clothing, is the outfit. Though it will look very 2D without the shading, it looked much better. It didn’t need a lot of detail due to the black crease lines I added to replicate clothing creasing, so adding shading would’ve not been required. I used a multiply blend mode on the main clothing layer, making it look much darker and blends nicely with the line-art on the clothes. The belt also suits this illustration quite well. This this section of the illustration I was thinking of using a photo-composite, maybe replacing the boring brown that is meant to represent leather and use actual leather, making the illustration that bit more realistic and show more skills I have learnt at my two years in college.

What definitely need to change is the ground. The ground has probably got to be one of my worse artistic decision throughout my two years as a concept artist. I used a custom brush from a pack one of my peers made, hoping it would represent snow but I was completely wrong. Why I decided to keep it was an even worse decision, but I didn’t want my illustration looked plain and boring like some of the other pieces of work I have created. Because of this ‘artistic decision’ this illustration has became one of the worst pieces I have created throughout my career; a very disappointing result.

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