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Unit 13 – Practical/Technical Problem Solving

Many practical/technical problems have occurred with this project though I have mentioned in another post which problems were the most serious for my project. Identifying the problems with this project has really helped with how I will go about it.

The first problem I identified on that post was about doing your own brief and how you can easily stray from tasks. How I helped solve this problem was by setting regular tasks, keeping track of what I have done during a session and what will be needed to be done next time. I find this method much more effective than the gannt chart and the action plan as you can time how long the task can go on for and which task you want to do. However, sometimes this can be a problem as it can mix up different tasks, making certain milestones fall back and set back the project slightly, meaning I have to work extra hard for everything to be one track; still the best method for me.

Next problem I mentioned was the book creation. Now, I have thought about different ways I could approach this: searched YouTube videos on how to make a simple, yet aesthetically good looking book, but they required complex tools that I cannot get a hold of; I asked my auntie who did a fine-art course in university, which her final was a book. She gave me some good ideas, but they didn’t fit with what I was looking for. So, I decided on making a plain book from word. Most books you see on the market are not complex – majority actually just simple folded books, with a hard-cover. The hardcover is not something I can acquire, so I had to go with simple paper. Though it is not what I envisioned, the book still has everything it needs and will not take away from the main event: the illustrations.

The last problem I mentioned was not really a big problem, but it would’ve given me the information I needed to make this book historically accurate, as I stated several times in my proposal was my goal. The Jorvik Centre located in York would have been the best source to gather information for my book as they have artefacts from the Viking era, but I did not have the time nor the funds. To overcome this barrier I decided to go to The Manchester Museum that held artefacts from the Roman era – close to the Viking era. Though not what I was looking for, both of these eras had similar weapons and armour, making getting inspiration much easier without depending on just secondary research.


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