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Unit 13 – Final Show Presentation

The end of year show gives us, the students, the chance to show off our work from either this year or last year, showing how our skills have developed over time. I wanted to present my work different to my peers, though it would already be due to the book I have created. I wanted to add an artistic flair – instead of presenting my books on a table where the audience can come over and have a chance to read my narrative and look at the illustrations, I decided to have them up on the board alongside my portfolio sheets. Why I decided to go for this artistic choice is so people can look at the larger versions of the illustrations on the sheets and then read the book, seeing where each narrative lies and can visually see what is happening in that scene.

However, what I could change about this presentation are the portfolio sheets. I would only keep the two portfolio sheets that contain my illustrations and remove the sheet of Heath Quinn, a character I created from my last year FMP and developed for Unit 9. Though you can evidently see the development of skills from the start of the year (Unit 9) to the end of the year (Unit 13), it doesn’t seem like a lot of time has passed, but 10 months is definitely long enough for my skills to change drastically. Another thing I would also change, looking back on how the presentation went, I would’ve made a showreel that shown all my work throughout the two years, making a more accurate visual representation of how my skills in photoshop were so limited that I didn’t even know how to use opacity, to now being able to use a range of different tools to make my work look either hyper-realistic – though up for debate depending on the work – or include of my own personal flair.

What I could have done, but would be completely unnecessary, is make this book also into an e-book. Some of my audience will not be able to access a physical copy of this novella, so the only way they will be able to read it is online. This was going to be the way I was going to present it, people reading it off the computer but after extensive research – primary and secondary – I found out it was the least favoured out of both. However, to get more of a following I will need to make this accessible as possible so the audience who are interesting in reading this story will have no problems. I could post my novella on a freelance website like Wattpad, Achieve Of Our Own or even When I get a following – depending if my book is up to a certain standard – I could think about publishing it on Google Books which is very popular and accessible to millions of people.




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