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Inspired By… – ACE – Kantha Embroidery



  • Sowing thread (different shades of brown)
  • Cloth
  • Yellow soft pastel
  • Needle


  • Designing
  • Drawing
  • Sowing

The sowing technique was based on a famous technique located within South Asia called Kantha and is very simplistic style to use.

The yellow pastel was used to mark where our sketch was going to be – I decided to use a South Asian idol that was located on my moodboard as my inspiration to replicate this technique. We used yellow pastel because it is vibrant and visible to see on the cloth and when we are done with the sowing we can easily brush off.

The different tones of browns were interesting to use for my piece as I decided to get inspiration from my moodboard, which mostly contained brown. Even though it will not be as vibrant as my peers’ work, it is still aesthetically pleasing.


This links to my current unit as we are getting “Inspired by…” A range of different artists – mostly them of South Asia.

Helped us gain new experience with a technique we haven’t used in class yet – it may be something we want to use in the future for our FMP or for something personal.

As we researched this technique beforehand we could get an idea of what this work was supposed to be like. Unlike the intricately designed artwork you can see where they have formed beautiful flowers, I went for a much harder option and tried to make a South Asian idol using only thread

Achieve Assessment Criteria –

1.2 Apply understanding of MTP to support our practices

1.3 Techniques and skills

1.4 Evaluate MTP 


Looking at my piece of work, I can neither say it was successful or a fail. Being someone who is a perfectionist, when I look at my artwork I always see the faults; there a many missing spaces within this specific piece of work, I could of used a different shade of brown to fill them in. However, I have to force myself to look past the negative and try and see some positive: you can see the shape I am forming – similar looking to that of an elephant.

Originally, when I was sowing, I was going to do a simple outline and then do some design in the middle, but then I realised that would not link with the technique. Eve gave me some suggestions on what I could do to make this look better and I took her advice

The spaces between the sowed lines are quite evenly apart, though some are quite spacious than others; if I could I would start again and make the spaces a bit smaller to make the work look neater

If I were to do this piece of work again I would of used a much brighter colours – the mixture of brown tones seems boring and uninteresting, unlike if I used orange and blue which are both complementary but very vibrant and run.

I would experiment with this by maybe making the thread a bit smaller, just to see what different that would make against the cloth.

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