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Inspired by… – ACE – Clay



  • Clay
  • Water
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil


  • Tracing
  • Sculpting
  • Carving
  • Rolling
  • Measuring

 Making the clay tile required quite a bit of planning – we did want to pick a design that was pretty similar to that of Halima Cassel’s own design. Eve gave us an image that was similar looking and we had to use tracing paper to select a part we wanted to remake onto our own tile. 

After we selected a part we wanted, we had to roll out our clay to make the shape of the tile. When we got the right shape and all sides were even, we got our traced outline of our design, placed it on our clay piece and began to indent our design so we know what to inlay. 

When we traced the design our design so we have the basic outline, I used a small carving tool to deepen the outline, making the clay tile now appear 3D. But I didn’t want to use carve the outline – I wanted to remove some parts of the clay tile 


It links to the current project we are doing as it is “Inspired by…” a South Asian artist. We replicated how she creates her clay tiles along with making small pots – though not inspired by Halima Cassell, it still links as we are experimenting with the use of clay.

The intention I had when making the tile block was to be inspired by the way Halima Cassell creates her 3D sculptures, making my own variation of her work with my own little twist.

What gave me inspiration from her work was the way she layered some parts of the tile to give it more of that 3D affect as only selected parts were raised from the starting surface.

Achieve Assessment Criteria –

1.2 Apply understanding of MTP to support our practices

1.3 Techniques and skills


The clay tile I created was a success – to me, that is. I enjoyed the way I decided to remove some clay from selected parts and then decided to add clay to make the tile look that more 3D.

However, what I could’ve done to improve the overall aesthetic of the clay tile is maybe add more intricate shapes to the tile – this being maybe curving some part of the raised section to give it a unique view than just layering clay and leaving it flat.

At the beginning I was going to just carve the traced shape and leave it as that – just a standard slab of clay with a pattern. But Eve said I should append sections that matched with the image we got our inspiration from. 





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