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Inspired by… – ACE – Wire Sculpture



  • Chicken wire
  • PVA glue
  • Tissue paper


  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Sculpting
  • Molding 
  • Drawing

Before we started to create our model, we had to design it and plan on how we would create our piece. I drew several versions of a design I had in mind – they were all based on the artist Suresh Dutt, who is well know for creating glass sculptures. After we chose a design we wanted to take further we had to make the wire frame. This part was pretty difficult as the shape I wanted was quite hard to replicate, so Eve helped me. 

When our actual frame was created we got strips of tissue paper and lathered them in PVA glue to ensure they will latch onto the frame and not fall off. 


    This links to my current unit as we are getting “Inspired by…” A range of different artists – mostly them of South Asia. It also introduced us to the 3D formal elements.

    The intention I had when making this work was to create a piece of work in the style of Suresh Dutt, but instead of using glass – which is too expensive and we lack the skills to mold glass – we decided to use chicken wire and tissue paper to replicate the transparent look glass has.

    When I was designing my work, I heavily based it off Suresh Dutt’s “Double Skin Stripe” as I loved the placement of the gaps he decided to place within his glass sculptures. Originally I was also going to copy the colour he used for “Double Skin Stripe” (orange/yellow) but it didn’t quite match to the colours documented on my moodboard – so I opted for brown and blue

    Achieve Assessment Criteria –

    1.2 Apply understanding of MTP to support our practices

    1.3 Techniques and skills

    1.4 Evaluate the use of MTP


    I do not like my final sculpture as it was not creating in the way I envisioned. When creating it, I didn’t have time to make the moon and the sun (the main part of my sculpture) so it didn’t really represent what I was meant too. I didn’t even finish it, either, giving it a messy look that I am not very happy with. 

    My intention has definitely changed from what I was going to do at the start – Eve actually giving me the idea to better represent my idea of doing day and night.

    I do enjoy the colour palette I decided to use for this sculpture – it being based on my moldboard which was mostly brown with some limited shade of colour. This palette luckily suits my theme of day and night (which is why I chose those colours originally) 

    I was lacking in experience using the wire, having to problem solve several times to try and find a way to bend the wire into an efficient shape. At the end, Eve helped me to create a cylinder with an additional wave on top, but it took a long time to come to this conclusion. 


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