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Animation – Andrea Dezso Paper Cutting 

Andrea Dezsö, The Island Come True, 2015 (Peter Pan tunnel book), Japanese hand-made Shojoshi paper, LED lights.

Hand-cut and sewn, collapsible, multi-layered one-of-a-kind tunnel book


Out of Deszö work, this one was definitely the most eye-catching. She uses circles to create unique patterns – almost reminiscent to that of the Aztecs and their style of art. I enjoy the layering of her scene, showing depth by making the objects within the back appear further away than they actually are. From one scene, it tells a whole story, something that my group could take into consideration.

Why I chose this picture mostly was because of the choice of LED light she decided to use. In her other works, she mostly uses the standard brightbulb LED, but in this one, she decided to use blue. It adds a unique atmosphere to the scene, giving you a set emotion about the book.

For the brief, this could be used to show important intervals in the story; the main character going into the cathedral to take the stone, the gargoyle taking the stone and taking it to John Ryland’s library, the wizard making his appearance. However, it is too limited and would leave out small details that could help build up the story and intrigue the audience.

Andrea Dezsö, The Day We Changed Our Lives Forever, 2005 (Collapsible, multi-layered tunnel books) hand-cut by the artist,Paper, waxed linen thread


For this paper-book, I like the theme she decided to select (mythical and woodlands) as it adds a somber tone to the book – the grey LED adding to the atmosphere. I particularly enjoy the border she decided to add to each book, framing the whole image and its content inside. Like in the other book I discussed before this, you can clearly see the depth perspective as she was trying to show which is closer to the audience (the black outline) and what is further (the faint grey outline)

Andrea Dezsö, Forest Stroll With Goat, 2014 (Collapsible, multi-layered one-of-a-kind tunnel book)


I particularly enjoy this piece by Dezsö due to the theme it is portraying: innocent and evil. We see a little girl playing happily with her goat while the devil lurks beneath the grounds, maybe being a double meaning that evil can always be witnessed by kindness. The atmosphere from the light, a musky yellow, sends a feeling of dread into the audience as it is a colour that reminds you of fog – an ambiance related to that from horror movies.

I like the splitting of the two-sides: one showing the innocent little girl, playing happily with the lamb without a care, while the other is a demon, something we associate with everything evil and nasty.

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