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Animation – Lotte Reinger paper silhouette 

Lotte Reinger, The Adventures Of Prince Achmed, 1926



This piece of Reinger’s work was striking due to its intricate detail of the clothing and the accessories that adorns the character’s body. Most of Reinger’s work uses monochrome, so it is interesting to see a piece of her work have colour in the background – it makes the silhouettes the focus of the animation. What I like most about “The Adventures Of Achmed” is the unique theme she has decided to go for, completely different to the other pieces which were ‘fairy tale’ orientated. This animation style would definitely be the most beneficial for our project as we can show more details of our story without just selecting specific scenes we want to make an elaborate book of. It is also simplistic compared to the 3D book of Andrea’s, so within a short amount of time we would have a complete animation.

Lotte Reinger, Tumbelina, 1955


Reinger’s Tumbelina was quite interesting to watch: the detail compared to Andrea’s work – from the outfits of her characters, to the background, you can see a large change. I prefer the monochrome theme than including a coloured background (as she has done in her The Adventures Of Prince Achmed) as it almost adds to her theme. The black silhouettes are contrasting against the white/grey of the background, making the character, along with the additional decor,  become eye-catching to the audience.

Lotte Reinger, Cinderella, 1922


Lotte’s and Andrea’s work are similar in the way they use silhouettes in their work to show their animation or book. They use a background that is lighter than the actual characters/decor to make them stand out to the audience. Both of their work also contain intricate detail to add more character to their scene. However, there are some differences. The most obvious is that Andrea’s work is just a tunnel book that only shows one scene of the story – something which could be used for our animation, but is very limited. Lotte’s is an animation which is malleable and can show more of the story and adds more detail to the scene.



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