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Final Major Project – Ideas

My first idea that could be used for my Final Manjor Procject is to recreate historical figures by using existing celebrities or family/friends. The periods will be from the dark ages to the 1900s as the historical figures within those times are the most interesting to me. I will use celebrities from different culture — for example, if I were to pick Mads Mikkelsen (a famous actor known for his work in Hannibal and Doctor Strange) I will pick a Viking leader as he was from Denmark; John Lennon I would depict him as a patriarcal figure that ruled over England as he was from Liverpool, England.

My second idea is to add my own twist to famous artists’ work — a flair that will add my own personal stamp to it. I won’t change it that much as I want it to be obvious to the audience who my inspiration was, but I want to change it as much as possible to almost label it as my work. I will refrain from recreating work from Jackson Pollock or any artist that uses a very simplistic art style — I want works that are eye-catching and draw you in like “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh as he uses complememtary colours to make certain parts of his painting stick out.

Do several sketches depicting key political events in history; the woman’s vote, gay rights being legal in England during the 60’s…etc. When doing these sketches, I want to add a little bit of colour to certain parts; for example if I decided to add a telephone box, it would be red while the rest of the sketch would be black and white.

My fourth idea is to use my musical influences and depict them in famous painting that have a mythical, almost godly, theme. This is to represent how close I hold music to my heart, that I almost worship it; without music I wouldn’t be the person I am today. This idea is very similar to the first one as it uses celebrities as a main influence for the project, but what makes this idea so interesting and different is the way I would be depicting them.

The fifth idea is to use the ‘woodblock’ printing technique to create several scenes from around Manchester. This technique has always been interesting to me since I started to do my own personal research in college. I began to learn about this technique during my time in Creative Media, being enamoured with the way artists would use woodblock to print their works. What I discovered when I was researching this topic in Creative Media was that the woodblock method was used for illustrative purposes and was commonly used during the 1700s – 1800s.