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Final Major Project – Problem Solving

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Charcoal Piece

1. When creating my concept art board, I accidentally left some blank spaces when I was sticking down the primary sketches/pictures. It makes the board look unprofessional and messy — I want to change this look

Remake a new concept art board with better placement of photos and mind-maps with better description of ideas. I can copy the mind-maps that I have written down as they have good communication of ideas.

2. Keep getting charcoal on my hand when drawing my art piece, smudging the charcoal and causing unwanted marks to be formed

Use a piece of paper and put it beneath my hand to prevent smudging of the charcoal

Spray the art piece with hairspray to stop the charcoal from smudging on the paper as it fixes the charcoal onto the paper

As it will be easier, and I have not yet finished my piece, I am going to use a small piece of tissue to rest under my hand as I create my charcoal piece.

3. This did prevent the smudging of charcoal on my piece and it also made drawing easier as I was only able to focus on one section and stopped me from drawing different sections of the character.


When using felt-tips, the black and yellow bleed and blend together, causing the yellow to be tinted in a light shade of black which takes away from the pop-art-esque vibrant colour.

1. I could wait for one of the felt-tips to dry before I add the main base/border to prevent both of the colours blend together. This will be time consuming and may make the creation of this piece much longer than needed

2. I could ignore these colours blending together and continue with colouring

I decided, though part of me was cringing inside, was to let both the yellow and the black blend together to create a strange new tone that resembled a dark yellow. Though after the image had dried, it didn’t look as bad and the yellow slowly turned to its original vibrant yellow.

Monday 19th March 2018


1. When beginning my photoshop piece, I used the pen tool on the layer in which the picture was on. This caused a lot of problem as when I tried to add the skin tone for my John Lennon, it didn’t stay within the pen line. I only saw that this happened after I spent 20 minutes tracing the outline of of my drawing.

To resolve this problem I should’ve checked and made sure that another layer was selected before I decided to use the pen tool to trace my drawing. This would’ve saved me time and give me an opportunity to move onto other experimentation work.

Lauren gave me some advice on how I could make this easier by using layer mask — this technique is just the use of black and white and acts almost as a brush and eraser.

I decided to forgo both of the ideas I have, deciding to go for the much simpler option (though not as simple as I had to use a mouse instead of a graphics tablet) and just colour it in normally which proved to be successful


As this was my first time doing the silkscreen printing technique, I was definitely going to come across some problems — it will definitely happen for a new technique that you have just recently discovered.

1. When cutting out my stencil, I didn’t make the line thick enough so the paint wouldn’t be able leak through the gap. I will have to cut it larger so the pink ink will be able to transfer through the space.

2. I kept holding the slider flat, pushing the acrylic paint under the stencil and destroying the image. I will need to continue to practice with this technique more so I will be able to do this technique properly without mistake.

Tuesday 20th March 2018


1. Similar to the problem that happened yesterday, I kept holding the slider flat, making the acrylic paint leak under the stencil and destroying the silkscreen print. It is quite hard to put my head around this as it is my first time testing around with a technique like this — you need someone to hold the screen down while someone uses the slider to make the acrylic paint

Get someone to hold the board while I slide the paint through the screen, making sure to hold the slider at an angle

Psychedelic Art

1. When doing my psychedelic poster, when I was writing out the different names of the artists that have influenced me I sometimes do some of the letters quite small, making it hard to understand what the word is trying to say. I will rub out the words that you cannot see properly and draw them again to make them bold and easily evident what the word is trying to make out.

Wednesday 21st March 2018

Psychedelic Art

When I was writing the names, I accidentally wrote John Lennon’s name incorrect — only adding two N’s instead of three. Though not a big problem, it does wreck the aesthetic of the poster and destroys the immersion that Wes Wilson brings to his work.

I cannot change my mistake as when I wrote out the name I straight away traced the outline in black sharpie as a habit as I was on a role with tracing/colouring. So this is a mistake I cannot change, though it did help with the future when I was writing the other artists name

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Art Board

I have added too many images on my ‘Wes Wilson’ concept board — majority of it being taken up by my experimentation work. Though it doesn’t look bad, I cannot include all the information I wanted to

Use assetate for the trigger word mind-maps but inverting it so my writing it the only part that can be seen. I did this because my writing is so thin and cursive that if we decided to just leave it in-inverted, you wouldn’t be able to see my writing clearly.

Tuesday 1st May 2018


When I was trying to find an image to edit on photoshop, I couldn’t find a decent sized black and white image of my chosen icon. Why it needs to be black and white so when I add the different shades of colour, it won’t mix with the colour on the image. When it is black and white, because it is monochrome, it will change the black and white to the colour I decide to use.

When it came to editing, I had a lot of problems on which colours to select to create that psychedelic-esque style that I am aiming for. To battle this problem, I will test with different colours to see which shade of pigment will give me the results I want.

The colour that was best suited for my idealistic view of what psychedelic is was orange. When I put on the ‘difference’ filter it makes the black and white image of Buddy Holly, Elvis and David Bowie change when a a base colour is added on-top of it. The way it changes the monochrome of the images into a psychedelic

Tuesday 8th May 2018


Like last week, I decided to practice with changing images into a psychedelic-esque version of the original. This time, instead of using musical icons, I opted to using classical icons from my primary research trip in Liverpool. Just like last-week (unfortunately) I have also came across very similar problems

1. The pop-art styled classical icon does not transfer well when place into photoshop — the yellow translating very poorly with the filters are placed on-top of it with a base colour. I have tried several different shades that I used when creating my musical inspired icons, but they simply do not blend with the bold yellow, pink and blue.

I could try using a different primary image, seeing if the results I get from this experimentation will give me the results I want.

Maybe I could use darker tones of colour to try and

Monday 14th May 2018

In an attempt to progress with my idea, I decided to try and alter one of the classical statues into an icon from the 60’s. Though a straight forwards task, it has been pretty difficult changing the position of the classical statues

Tuesday 15th May 2018


When I was cutting out my stencil, I realised I needed to leave some room so the face will still be attached to the actual stencil.

1. As the face has actually fallen off, the only way I can combine both the hair and the face is by adding masking tape to not only strengthen the bond, but to conjoin them as they once were

2. Similar to the first solution, I can add glue to make the two parts attach; this will not only make the bond invisible and still have the two parts conjoined together to make up the second part of the screen-printing.

I decided to go with the first solution and add masking tape to the back of the

The acrylic paint leaked through the stencil, making it flood onto the paper and alter the aesthetic of the print.

1. I could wipe away the leaking acrylic paint and apply another layer of masking tape to strength the layers to prevent this mistake repeating itself.

2. When using the slider, make sure I am holding it at the right angle to prevent and over-saturating of paint to form at the specific part of the board, causing the same mistake to be creating and making the paint ruin the aesthetic of the print once again.

3. I could just halt the creative process and be satisfied with the prints I have.

I decided to go with the first — and most logical — solution by wiping away the offending paint and then applying another layer of masking tape to strengthen the bond and to prevent this mistake destroying anymore of my prints I decide to create with this stencil.

Wednesday 16th May 2018


The same problem that I had yesterday, me and Eve couldn’t place the print in the right spot, causing the print to be largely out of place and making the different layers being applied look displeasing.

Tuesday 22nd May 2018


Similar to what happen the two other times I attempted to screenprint, the stencils did not align, causing the image to be

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