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Final Major Project – Research – The Next Term Festival

Our college has been invited to attend an event that will not only broadcast our work that we did with Sophie Mohan (an artist who uses code manipulation to create her work), in which we painted images uses a different range of items; a sponge, pipe-cleaners, a bath mat — anything could be uses to create out piece of art. It was to engage our creativity to make a scene in a mood we are feeling — Sophie told us to think about something that we read in the news and to paint it. I thought about the shooting that recently happened in America and how it began the debate about gun control.

But while we are going to be there, some artists will also be present which could help with the production of my project.

Keisha Thompson

Thompson is an artist that uses her unconventional relationship with her dad to help create her work.  she also grapples with various influences or barriers and understands them to help impact her identity as a British Black Woman.

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