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Final Major Project – Artist Research – Soni Alcorn-Hender

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Soni Alcorn-Hender (also known as Bohemian Weasel) is a talented English-born artist whose work has been shown in solo exhibitions, along with also having done illustration work for Portuguese children books. What Hender is most well-known for are her sought after sketch cards, depicting everything from mythology, to the popular fantasy novel that is Lord of the Rings. Her sketch cards have ever been featured in a Lord of the Rings collection by the famous TOPPS.

What I particularly enjoy about Hender’s work is the multiple genres she includes within her art-work. The sketch cards (which are mentioned in the previous paragraph) are definietly some of my favourites of Hender’s as not only is fantasy a big love of mine, but I also enjoy mythology and the different tales that are told within different cultures. As I want to combine both music and mythology together, using Hender’s work as inspiration is definitely a step I could take; it would be better than using the normal convention of pop-art and opt for something a bit more…old-fashioned.

Another thing I love about Hender’s art Is the way she colours her work — when shading is needed to be added to show depth, it is very minimal and looks very natural — I especially love the way she added shading on her early work as she decided to forgo shading and just play with different tones of the same pigment on a specific section of the artwork to replicate depth.

The sketch cards remind you of the tarot cards that would’ve been used by mystical gypsies in the olden times — telling your future with a simple reading of cards. Looking at tarot cards and then Hender’s own rendition, it would seem interesting to include this style within my own work; when drawing a mythical god as a tarot card (maybe copying the basic shape of the sign) I could have a influential muscian on the body of the god/goddess instead of a Odin or Zeus.








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