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Final Major Project – Journal

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Today we began to create our concept art boards that contain images from the Liverpool primary research trip to help shape the idea of what I could possibly do for my FMP.

Sunday 18th March 2018

On Sunday, I was researching psychedelic art and how it could influence the look of my FMP as most of the musical artists I have selected are from the 60’s — a time in which psychedelic art and music began to become more prevalent. Some of the artists I have found were definitely interesting and a type of style I would like to bring forward in my project, even if I only use it slightly.

Wes Wilson (one of the artists that began the ‘Psychedelic Art’ movement) has very eye-catching art due to the unique way he uses word and font — styling them in such a way that it creates an image. A particular favourite piece of work from Wilson in which he used words to create an image, was a piece of art called The Art of Rock in which Wilson uses typography to make it appear as if the woman has a flame for hair — very effective for what he is trying to get across  (that punk music is the new rock n roll). This type of style is something I would like to incorporate into my project, as a stated in the first paragraph, even if it is just experimentation.

What I want to do tomorrow – it is a college day so I will be able to do pratical work – is begin testing the ‘silkscreen’ printing technique that Andy Warhol uses to create his pieces of work. Keeping within his ‘celebrity’ model style, I decided to draw a picture of John Lennon, ready for when I begin printing tomorrow. As I have no understanding of how this method of printing is performed, I will ask Eve for her expertise on how I could execute this style; maybe I will use this method for my FMP

Monday 19th March 2018

Today I decided to do some extra secondary research on Soni Alcorn-Hender and Wes Wilson to get a better understanding of how they create their work.

Tuesday 20th March

Today I have done a lot of productive work, giving me a clearer idea of what my theme may be and what I could include within my FMP final piece.

The first thing I did the morning of lesson was label all my secondary research  as I forgot to do that the previous day. This did take quite some time as I had to try and find the sources in which I found the images originally, but as I did not write down the website link (which I should’ve done and added to my bibliography)

Wednesday 21st March 2018

I continued with the creation of my Wes Wilson inspired ‘psychedelic’ poster that contains magazine clippings from various music magazines that were around the art classroom. Though Wilson typically uses the same style throughout his posters, I thought I would add my own twist to his very unique style: instead of doing a character in the middle of the poster, I decided to add magazine clippings of musical artists that have inspired me. If you look at the specific artists I have selected, majority were from the 1960’s — the era in which psychedelic rock and psychedelic posters were thriving; it links perfectly with Wilson’s style.

I did have problems when I was creating this Wes Wilson inspired poster as I realised I made some spelling mistakes during the process. How I could’ve avoided this problem was to make sure I was writing every letter correctly.

Alongside finishing off my psychedelic inspired poster, I began creating my ‘Andy Warhol’ technique board to show how his artwork influenced me to replicate his style. It is only in the beginning stages as Wednesday is a short college day, but I decided to photocopy one of my silkscreen prints and put it in different colours; green, blue, yellow, red and black and white just to see how it would look. Why I did this was to replicate Warhol’s own style as he normally does four prints of the same images, the colours different from one another.

To continue with silkscreen (a technique I have came to love) I printed off pictures of peoples who were thriving in 1960 — to keep in with my psychedelic theme — so I can draw the idol easier than copying off my phone or tv screen. Why I will draw Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and David Bowie is so when I go into college on Monday I can photocopy my drawing(s) (as I did with my John Lennon sketch) so I can create my stencil ready for the silkscreen printing.

What I will do tomorrow is continuing researching for psychedelic inspired artists that could help narrow the direction of where my project is going. Though it is still the early stages of the project, it is still great to have some sort of idea that you could possibly do for the FMP.

Monday 26th March 2018

Today I decided to replicate the famous oil painting called The Kiss by Gustav Klint and replace the characters with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Art Nouveau links nicely with the psychedelic style as some paintings that belong to the Art Nouveau movement use very vibrant, eye-catching colours. Specifically in this painting, Klint uses pattern to draw the audience’s eye — the shapes never looking the same and randomly place. This is definitely much more interesting to look at than a painting that uses plain colours and simple outlines.

Tomorrow I want to begin colouring in my line sketch with oil pastel, as Klimt has done, to continue replicating his style. Though oil pastel is not something I want to use in my FMP, it is still great to practice with different mediums so you can be certain.

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Today I decided to finish off my art boards of Andy Warhol and Wes Wilson, adding additional information about why their work inspired me and how I could incorporate it into my own project.

Friday 13th April 2018

Today I decided to continue with my artist research to find artists that psychedelic style that I want to include within my own work. I found an artist by the name of Alton Kelley, who like Wes Wilson, was one of the big names to help popularise the psychedelic theme that was prevalent during the 1960’s. His art is more focused on illustration than it was typography – something that definitely caught my interest has I prefer that over the dominating nature of Wilson’s typography that takes your eye away from the main illustration.

On Monday, I am going to continue researching the artist as his work is definitely something I want to include in my FMP – so I will get more pictures of his work and begin thinking about what I will do on Tuesday to replicate his style. I was also begin the colouring of my Klimt Gustav inspired drawing.

Monday 16th April 2018

Today, as we are not meant to be in college due to teacher training day, I decided to come in and continue with my writing work as I didn’t have the opportunity to on the holidays as I did not have any time to do it on the holidays. This will give me the opportunity to research additional information on artists I am particularly interested in and want to pursue further in my FMP – maybe even find some new psychedelic artists or Art Nouveau artists and finish off writing work that needs to be completed before I can progress.

I researched more on Alton Kelley and found out about his connections to musical artists of the 1960’s and Wes Wilson – an artist I have came to enjoy thoroughly. I have also added my SMART Targets to wordpress and will be ready to add them to the lip on Wednesday.

I have also started my Wes Wilson poster, talking about how I came about doing this and how he influenced me to create this piece. I will also be talking about the problem I face – which was a lot – and how I may include this aspect of psychedelic art within my final piece as it is something I very much enjoy.

Tomorrow, I will begin the colouring of my ‘The Kiss’ inspired drawing with oil pastel in the way Gustav did instead of today as I just want to focus on my writing work.

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Though yesterday I said I was going to begin colouring in my “The Kiss” inspired drawing, that has unfortunately been cancelled as Eve said it does not relate to my common theme ‘Psychedelia’. Though I understand where she is coming from as they are quite different to one another, but from each source I have read about the history of a bunch of ‘psychedelic’ artists that were actually inspired by the ‘Art Nouveau’ movement.

Monday 23rd April 2018

Today, I printed off the pictures of my personal trip to Manchester City centre, as I did not have the opportunity to go to Yorkshire with majority of the class, and began placing them artistically on the 2nd Concept Art Board for my FMP. The pictures I selected all have a common theme: Psychedelic Art and Pop-Art.

If you look through my Art boards, you can see that the running theme for my projects is music or pop-art and only recently, psychedelia.

Thursday 26th April 2018

Today I researched what an icon was to help with my theme as one of the main triggers for my project was “Iconic Artists”, meaning my musical influences. All the artists I selected are well-known and have been known internationally as the people who ‘created’ music.

What I am going to do tomorrow is finish off my art boards with evaluation and reflections to show my development as a creative. In addition to – if I have time, that is – is to begin researching different techniques that I could include within my project and could link to my broad theme of “psychedelic art” and “classical” art.

Friday 27th April 2018

I have printed off my evaluations and am now ready for my second stage of experimentation work. What I am going to experiment with on Monday is a new technique Eve has learn which makes latex bubble and create a very interesting, almost psychedelic, pattern on the paper. This will be a good technique for me as it links directly with the interesting aesthetic that psychedelia holds — unique patterns and intricately made designs.

If I cannot do this technique, I will practice with photoshop work as I am quite adept with this software so I will be able to quickly produce a sifferrnt series of work.

Monday 30th April 2018

Today I decided to spend my time writing my first draft of my proposal for art. Though not a difficult task, I wanted to make sure my first draft was as good as I could make it so limited editing needed to be made.

Tomorrow I will do more photoshop editing work to replicate the psychedelic style that I am aiming for in my project. Performing this task will be simple as I have two years of experience with the software. I hope to produce very unique and vividly coloured pieces of work that are a nice homage to Victor Moscoso’s own psychedelic posters.

Tuesday 1st May 2018

I have spent the day looking for more psychedelic artists that were around during the 60’s. I came across an artist called Victor Moscoso who uses photographic montage in his psychedelic rock posters. This type of style was the most interesting to me as I thought about adding photography to my work. Seeing a psychedelic artist do a style I have thought about using myself was a good indication about how I could go about it.

Tomorrow I will begin drawing several layouts of how my posters could look and will do my own personal trip to the Manchester city centre to look at the different musical posters around the Northern Quarter.

Tuesday 8th May 2018

Today I sent an email to the PR company, Murray Chalmers PR, who represent the Stockport band “Blossoms”, asking them about a possible collaboration for one of my posters. This would be a very interesting way to develop my work and it would give me experience of what it would be like to work in the creative industry.

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Today I began stencilling my chosen classical icon ready for screen-printing later on in the day. This would be an interesting way to combine pop-art, psychedelia and classical archaeology.

Wednesday 16th May 2018

Today I finally applied the final part for my screen-print. I decided to make this final part the darkest pigment as if I made the first stencil the purple, when I went to apply the yellow or pink it will not be able to overpower the pigmented shade of purple. The same problem that happened yesterday, me and Eve could not measure where this third stencil will be placed without it being so out of place.

However — much to my adamant — we decided to forgo trying to make it as perfect and decided to measure the paper to match it with the paper beneath.

Though I wanted to try and get one picture atleast perfect, having the prints look aesthetically pleasing.

Thursday 17th May 2018

Today I decided to come into college and get tracing paper — because I forgot to bring some home from yesterday — but decided to stay and do some catching up on my blog.

Monday 21st May 2018

Today I drew a merged image of Joni Mitchell and the figure of Venus (which I got from the primary research trip), connecting pop-art, classical, 60s and psychedelia. This was my original idea when I started the FMP, wanting to combine the Ancient worlds with my passion of 60’s and psychedelia.

I will be ready to stencil out my drawing tomorrow for screenprinting.

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