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Final Major Project – Testing/experimentation – Under the influence

Fitting in with the ‘acid’ trend that dominated the 60’s — 1967 in particular — and the reason in which ‘Psychedelia’ began to make its appearance, I wanted to test and experiment and see what type of art I will create.

When I was researching psychedelic artists and where they got their inspiration, I came across a very interesting article in which an artist was given a specific dose of LSD (each dosage given within in an hour) under a controlled environment. The art work he created was interesting the longer the day went on: his first piece of art was normal as the drug did not take affect, the patient saying he felt ‘fine’. However, when it is 2 hours 45 minutes into the experiment, his art takes a completely different turn, creating something that looks very surreal and unusual.

As I am not going to take LSD (due to it being a Class A substance) I decided to go with a different, more legal substance, that can still affect the functionality of your brain: alcohol. Yes, alcohol does not have any psychedelic qualities like LSD — none that I know of, anyway — but it can still affect the way your drawings are created. Similar to what the artist had done, I created a drawing while sober so I can see the difference when a substance slowly alters the way your mind thinks.

Every 20 minutes I will take two shots of Jack Daniels, waited for a couple of minutes to let the alcohol affect my system then create a drawing.

The results I came out with were not as ‘inventive’ as the LSD patient, but it is still interesting to see the way my drawings drop in quality with a sip of alcohol. Comparing the drawings I did under the influence with the drawing I did sober, you can definitely see the drop of quality the more I drank alcohol.

This experiment was definitely unusual and unique to what I have ever done for art, but it was definitely very interesting in the way you brain’s functionality drops when you take a substance.

pauly mcartneypaul mcartney 2paul mccartney 5paul mccartjey 3

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