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Final Major Project – Classical Icon/60’s Icon – Silkscreen/Photoshop

This piece of work is development from my classical icon screen-print, though this time I wanted to combine a 60’s icon with a classical icon. That will blend both of my running themes (psychedelia and classical sculpture) together to finally create a piece of interesting work.

Using the technique I learnt from exploring Andy Warhol, I decided to use it to create this piece also – the difference is instead of using two or three layers (that I used for previous screen-prints) I decided to go for four and try to push myself; this didn’t have the expected effect. If you look through the prints I have created throughout the weeks I have, you can see how detailed they get from my first original attempt at this technique where I used a very simple drawing of John Lennon and selected the parts I wanted to colour (yellow for the face and pink for the outline and additional detail).

However, sometimes adding more detail can effect the placement of your print, making the print become misplaced; this commonly happens throughout my process of doing screen-print. You can see this problem specifically with this print in particular: the hair is not align with the face, the shadow is not placed within its assigned spot, edging noticeably further away than anticipated – the only part of the print that looks okay is the placement of the arm and clothing.

What I suspect the problem is with doing screenprinting is sometimes the stencils are not the right size, causing them to be misplaced. However, if you see it from an artistic perspective, it almost looks better and more psychedelic with the different stencil parts being out of place. Psychedelia has never been about fitting in anyway.

If I were to do this again, I would make sure to measure the paper to (hopefully) get a print that is align in the way I want it.



joni mitchell 2joni mitchell 3 variationjoni mitchell 4 variationjoni mitchell 6 variationjoni mitchell 7 variationJoni mitchell start v 1joni mitchell start v 2joni mitchell startjoni mitchell

This print was printed onto one of my photoshop pieces in which I was playing around with the software to try and get a psychedelic themed photo of an icon; it was successful. The way the blue is so vibrant against the yellow of the hair and pink of the dress is definitely eye-catching. It also helps combine – even further – the psychedelic meets classical icon theme I was going for.

What I could do to improve this is maybe printing off my other images I edited, namely the classical icons that I made into the psychedelic theme. This would suit nicely with the print itself as it is also a classical icon, mixed with a 60’s icon.

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