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Final Major Project – Proposa


My skills have developed since I started the course in September; from learning how to use oil paints and the Impasto technique to create a Van Gogh inspired textured painting, to using continuous line to create an image. It is amazing what you can learn within such a short time frame. This course has let me explore different techniques that I wouldn’t otherwise attempt and has helped me to take a much bolder approach to how I use different materials in my experimentation work. I am particularly interested in the medium of print (mono, screen and lino) and digital and how by just changing the background printing surface can completely change the aesthetic and visual communication. These skills will help in the way in which I will approach my theme, giving me the confidence to try out new techniques that I may use within my FPP.

Project Concept

I intend to explore my opposing twin passions of classical sculpture and psychedelic poster art. I have always been interested in classical sculptures since primary school where my teacher took us to visit museums and galleries. My love for pop art and psychedelia has developed in response to the work of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Victor Moscoso, Alton Kelly, Wes Wilson and Gustav Klimt. Their work Being influenced by the stylistic choice of psychedelia, I hope to create series of A2 posters that have both icons (musical or religious) that intertwine these two separate entities.  I have watched the ‘New American Gods’ series and started to think of how these ancient classical sculptures could become psychedelic post icons of the 60’s. Not sure how but this will be my creative journey of exploration and experimentation – to hybrid the ancient with psychedelia.


To keep up with my progress, I am going to do daily targets on the LIP so I know what I have finished during the day, along with that still needs to be done. Alongside my SMART Targets, I will update my journal/blog to give an overview of what I have done that day and what I will do tomorrow. I will also actively take part in group critiques and will take on board what my peers and tutors suggest. I will reflect on my utilisation of both primary and secondary research, discussing links between my design development and concepts. In addition, I will reflect on my problem-solving explaining how I chose one solution over another.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography

The primary sources that I will gather to help with the creation of my FPP will include; the Liverpool Tate (Roy Lichtenstein exhibit) and Walker gallery, the Liverpool Natural History museum, the Manchester Gallery and Central Library, the Yorkshire Sculpture park, newspapers, websites and photography.

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