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Heath Quinn – Biography

  • Name: Heath David Quinn
  • DOB: 12th July 1970
  • Home of origin: New Wales, Australia
    Accent: Australian with a slight tinge of western American drawl
  • Home-town: Beverly Hills, California
  • Weight: Burly
  • Eyes: Blue with speckles of brown, wears glasses occasionally
  • Hair: Grey, mid-length, combed behind his ears
  • Appearance: Strong jaw, high-cheekbones, thin lips, well-groomed eyebrows, a pointed nose, slight dusting of stubble, freckles on cheekbones, muscular neck.
  • Attire: Typically wears suits with the occasional waistcoat, sometimes wears a sweater with a leather jacket and suit pants.
  • Religious views: Christian
    Hobbies: Likes to: weight-lift, fish, play baseball, play golf


Heath Quinn is the CEO of ‘Banks of America’. People call him the ‘Ice-man’ because of his cold attitude he has towards the people who work for him. He is a workholic that spends most of his time on his computer, making sure the company is up to standard. He is one of the most successful businessmen currently in America, living in one of the most prestigious areas in California.

Heath does not have a close relationship with his teenage daughter since his divorce seven years ago from Claire. Claire and Heath still talk, keeping a close relationship with her, unknown to his daughter relocation. Though he does not show it he’s very protective of his daughter.

Heath has been known in the pass to be quite the violent type, punching anyone who disagreed with his views or threatened his family (He has a scar on his lip from when he protected Claire during an attack at bar ‘Sandy’; a man grabbed Claire in a sexual manor, causing Heath to attack the man) Sometimes his outbursts cannot be controlled, making his family unsafe from himself.

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