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Unit 13 – Diary 3/04/2017

S – Find middle age art that could be used as reference when I begin to make my illustrations for my story

M – Find at least 10 so I have inspiration for how my own illustrations will look like, I am still fairly new to middle age art

A – I did research middle age art slightly in unit 12 but not to the extent I need it

R – As they are only images, I will not need that much time, but I have to make sure these pieces of art link to my project somehow

T – 20:25pm – 21:15pm

It did take longer than expected, thinking I would have enough time to maybe analyse each picture and how it gave me inspiration. I managed to find several pieces of middle age art that directly links to the Vikings, or contains a style that I may use for my illustrations.

What I need to do next time is I need to turn the TV off when I work as it seems to be the thing that makes me behind in tasks. I will not watch TV when I do work tomorrow, hoping it will let me get my tasks done faster.

S – Write chapter two of the Fall Of Jarl Baardsen

M – Write at least 1500 words

A – As I have already wrote a chapter for my book, this will be a simple task

R – I have already wrote two paragraphs for this chapter, so it will not take me that long to write this section of the story

T – 07:10am – 08:30am

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