Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Moodboard – Chain-mail helmet

I forgot to document the images that gave me inspiration, so this is quite late compare to the quick progression of my project. However, it is better to do it now than later, so here is a moodboard of the images that inspired the illustration for Chapter Six in which Gunnar gets impaled, but in that scene he is wearing his trusted helmet that only the rich can acquire.

When we look at the small chain links in each of the pictures, we can see how they are joined together, but by the time I draw each individual pin for my illustration the project would of ended. So, I decided to do a simplistic version of these chain links, saving time along with still getting an aesthetic look.

When I picture Gunnar wearing this helmet I could picture him looking powerful – a presence that would scare his enemies with one look. What makes this helmet even more powerful is how you can only see the wearers’ eyes; that just makes it that bit more terrifying if ever faced with someone wearing this helmet in battle. Even though it is made by the Vikings – along with the Anglo-Saxons – it looks regal, nothing compared to the other helmets they make; those helmets were reserved for the poorer Vikings who could not afford to pay a blacksmith to make a chain-link helmet.



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