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Unit 13 – Reflection – Project Management

Throughout this project I have been trying to manage my project, hoping to meet project milestones while also effectively trying to complete additional tasks within the time frame. However, the more I look at my project I can see that my project management has been lacking – tasks which were meant to be completed within a week lasting almost a month; I do not have an excuse for this. When doing my projects’ I intend to do several tasks at once, causing me to stress at the process and push the targets off myself to do something else, something simpler.

Where this has been a big problem is the end of the project. I forgot about making the book, which was the main presentation and has forgotten about sorting of my books’ pages so they are in the right order, making the book run smoothly when reading. I should of done this task two weeks ago, along with the illustrations that still need to be completed. If I followed the gannt chart I made for the specific project, I would’ve been able to ask these tasks completed with relative ease, yet, I am still far behind.

But it has been all bad. At the start of the project the action plan and gannt chart were a great help with the different pieces of work I needed to complete to ensure my unit 13 project was smooth. As I stated in my previous paragraph, however, I ended up not using the gannt chart because of all the different tasks I was trying to complete at the same time. What helped a little with this problem was the S.M.A.R.T Targets which let me time how long I was going to do each task. It made me aware of how long I spent on each task and how I could change that – change the way I work on my work and complete tasks much quicker.

In the future, when I come to do a mass amount of work for a project like this for a future company, I will make sure to make a detailed action plan and use a gannt chart to follow my progress and see the tasks that need to be completed to get to an end goal.

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