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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 23/03/2017

23rd March 2017

S – Practice writing a critical description

M – Write 200 words

A – This will help us for when we critically describe our work

R – It will only be a short time frame

T – 09:35am – 10:00am

The task was very useful with how I will describe research I get in the future, not adding unnecessary information about how I “read a source”. It has definitely changed the way I will be writing in the future.

S – Analyse the Vikings raid of Lindisfarne clip from YouTube

M – I will write around 500 words analysing this clip, talking about how it is going to help my project and what I am going to do different from what is presented in the video

A – For my project last year I had to analyse a range of different clips that would help with my ending product

R – The time frame won’t be that long as I am an efficient typer, making this task very simple

T – 10:40am – 11:25am

This task was not completed in the time frame as we had another task to do. But I did analyse some part of this clip, talking about how inaccurate it is due to Ragnar being present when Ragnar only came to England in the 9th century. What I will do for the next 10 minutes is talk about how this clip will help with my project.

S – Continue writing the synopsis of ‘The Fall Of Gunnar Baardsen’

M – Write at least two chapter summaries

A – For my FMP last year I wrote a synopsis, I have a basic idea of how it will go

R – The time frame will be long, but I know I will complete it much earlier if I do not get distracted by my peers

T – 14:35pm – 15:40pm

I accidentally wrote too much for the synopsis, me having to cut it down to make it into a brief summary; a difficult task. It did make me away of how much I intend to write as one of my peers pointed it out and told me how I could cut it down, a useful tip for the future if I ever decide to write a synopsis. Other than that, I did not write two chapter summaries

My target for tomorrow is to complete the synopsis, ready for when I begin to draw the illustrations and begin writing the narrative for my story

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