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Unit 13 – Evaluation – Has Your Project Helped With Your Future

This project has definitely been one of the better projects I have done throughout my two years of Games Development. It has gave me an opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do: interwine both history with games. When I first started this course I was very reluctant, wanting to focus more on history than I did gaming. However, when I started to learn more about this course I started to realise I wanted to do more of this in the future. But that left me to wonder: what about my love for history? Could I include that in my future, along with the the stuff I have discovered in Games Development? Yes, I can.

This project has made me think about how I could include both of the things I have true passion about. Which led me to illustration, that I learnt more about in Unit 12 as I discovered I particularly enjoyed this sort of medium.

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