Posted in Unit 13 (Final Major Project)

Unit 13 – Questionnaire

To help with my project, defining what my audience may like, I decided to ask my family – and acquaintances of my family – and ask them questions about my project. I wanted to know if people from range of different ages would enjoy reading my book and determine my audience age range.

1) What genre(s) do you like?

Jemma – 24 years old – Family Member: Fantasy, Animation, Crime, Documentaries

Stephen – 32 years old – Family Member: Likes everything – mostly fantasy and action – apart from romance

Daniel – 23 years old – Friend of Jemma: Fantasy and History

Josh – 24 years old – Jemma’s Boyfriend : Fantasy, horror, history and documentaries

Sophie – 23 years old – Jemma’s friend: Documentaries and Conspiracy

2) Would you be willing to read a book that contains history?

Jemma: I will give it a go, though I am not really into history

Stephen: I do not like reading books

Sophie: Well, I enjoy reading so I will definitely give it a go

Daniel: As I am a fan of reading and history, yes.

Josh: History is one of my passions, so yes.

3) Do you enjoy reading?


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