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Unit 13 (Final Major Project) – Diary 9/03/2017

9th March 2017

S – Begin the statement of intent, talking about what I am going to produce and  the research which will be conducted to achieve my project

M – Write two paragraphs: the introduction and the research I am going to conduct

A – For unit 12 we wrote a statement of intent so I have some knowledge of how to write this specific document

R – The time frame I will give myself will be quite vast as I want to make sure it is top standard

T – 10:10am – 12:00pm

I decided to stop doing this target as the proposal is my main priority. I did, however, write a paragraph explaining my idea and about how it came to be which is good for an introduction. What I will do later on in the day is write the second paragraph that explains the research that I will be conducting/or already have got to help me with my project. I need to better manage my time so I think I should make a schedule within the next hour.

S – Begin the proposal of Unit 13, explaining the skills that I will be using to create the booklet and the idea

M – Write three paragraphs around 800 words

A – I have wrote a proposal for two projects previous, so I have some knowledge of how to write the particular piece of writing

R – The time frame is large due to how the checkpoint for the proposal is next week

T – 11:30am – 4pm

The main body of the proposal has been completed, explaining my ideas, the skills that I will use to create this book – and the skills I need to learn to create this book and how I will reflect on my project throughout the 11 weeks.

S – Reflect on the work I have done this today

M – Write three paragraphs giving what I have done well and what I need to improve on

A – I have reflected on my work before. It gives you a good indication of what needs to be done for next time, what I have done well and what I need to improve

R – The time frame will be short due to how long is left of the lesson

T – 16:50pm – 17:00pm

The work I have produced today was more than I expected, but certainly not the target I set myself. Today I hoped to complete my statement of intent, start my proposal and then find some sources for research, but that did not go to plan. I found myself distracted by my peers as I would get dragged into conversation, along with the music I had playing. What I did get completed was my proposal, which is the most important at this current time, and wrote the first paragraph of my statement of intent. If I did not get distracted I would of completed both of these tasks and had time to find some sources that will help with my project.

My target for tomorrow is to finish off my statement of intent and then begin to find research for my project. If I complete both of these tasks I will be ahead of my schedule.

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