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Unit 13 – Diary 2/04/2017

S – Draw Eerika’s outfit and how it may look when describing it in the book

M – Draw one variation of the dress

A – This is the first time I will be drawing a dress for a character as I typically make male characters

R – As I am a perfectionist I think it will take me a long time to create a dress, but then again I still think I will not be happy with it

T – 20:00pm – 21:30pm

I managed to complete the task within the time limit, finishing five minutes before the end. However, I am not very happy with the results as I don’t normally add colour to my drawings, preferring it to be black and white with annotations. The colour did wreck the feel of the outfit – I wanted to try something different. This has definitely been a tip for next time: don’t add colour, only annotate the work and when you come to do photoshop work with the drawing, add colour. Colour pencils make it seem childish, taking away from the message I want to convey.

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