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Unit 13 – Reflection – Failing To Meet Project Milestone #2

Due to the extended deadline, I have spent time making sure each task is completed before I begin making the presentation. However, that resulted in my action plan being messed up, along with my gannt chart. One of the milestones I failed to meet was completing my illustrations a couple of weeks ago.

Now, the deadline was a great opportunity for me to perfect my illustrations, but it also made me forget about other tasks that needed to be done. These illustrations were meant to be done in week 10, giving me the chance to check over my work and make small definitive changes before the deadline. Fortunately, the deadline changed, meaning I was able to focus on the digital painting and make it look aesthetically pleasing as possibly can – even within a few weeks.

This was also a bad decision to make. As I have only focused on my illustrations I forgot about making the front cover of my book, the main part of my presentation. It introduces the book, with the title and the blurb; I have to make a first impression. Because of me failing to meet the milestone, I had to make the cover of the book within a short space of time. I have to make it in two weeks, a short amount of space.

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